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Industry-leading composable commerce for a personalised Omnichannel experience.

CLIENT Kathmandu

SERVICES Development, B2C Commerce, BAU support, Loyalty, Omnichannel, Performance

INDUSTRIES B2C, Ecommerce, Retail, Outdoor, Apparel

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The Brief:

  • Kathmandu were undergoing a full re-branding and digital transformation.
  • They wanted a solution that reflected and enhanced the new branding to provide the best possible customer experience.
  • They had a skilled in-house team, but wanted to ensure they were delivering an industry-leading solution led by an award winning partner.
  • The solution needed to connect and enhance the online-offline business capabilities for an Omnichannel customer experience.
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The Solution:

  • Multi-national (AU, NZ, US, UK, FR & DE) store fronts.
  • Scalable architecture for new country and brand additions.
  • Full PWA using leading development principles.
  • Collaboration with NZ based client team.
  • Integrated Search-Merchandising.
  • Customer Loyalty program.
  • Real time stock look-up.
  • Click and Collect and Delivery.
  • AAA accessibility focussed design and implementation.
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The Value Delivered:

  • 46% increase in online sales Year-on-Year
  • World-leading combination of features and technology
  • 99 out of 100 Google PageSpeed scores
  • Headless CMS for flexible, rich content creation
  • Multi-currency and multi-region (with varied ‘feature flags’ per region)
  • Click and Collect (in checkout and PDP) and Find In Store
  • Loyalty Program and other pricing complexities
  • Extremely high level of Accessibility
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