Fruit Box Group

Delivering happiness, nutrition and customer satisfaction via an industry-leading web portal

CLIENT The Fruit Box Group

SERVICES Development, Design, B2B commerce

INDUSTRIES Food & Beverage, Ecommerce, Subscription, B2B

The Fruit Box Group delivers milk, fruit, coffee and other workplace essentials to thousands of sites around Australia. Customer expectations are high since no-one wants an office suffering caffeine withdrawal! The Fruit Box Group pride themselves on keeping teams happy with the highest quality of produce. Keeping office administrators and finance departments happy is equally important with easy to manage, flexible and transparent systems.

As a supporter of local producers, The Fruit Box Group selected Aligent to implement a step-change in their online capability. Aligent's team designed a user experience to navigate the complex options involved in combining subscription and once-off purchases, while managing multiple delivery locations.

A few notable custom features to highlight are:

Subscription functionality can be a daunting challenge at any time, and when it is combined with multiple stakeholders on the end-customer side, dispersed physical locations, and the ticking clock of perishable produce, it really challenged Aligent, Adobe Commerce and the Fruit Box Group's team to bring out the best in the flexible toolset selected.

  • Diverse user role capabilities and permissions, with self-service administration;
  • Minimum order requirements and rules regarding once-off versus standing order products;
  • Multi-location subscription/standing order editing;
  • Ability to apply temporary changes and temporary holds for standing orders for set time periods (e.g. Christmas office closures).

Complex business rules regarding pricing, product availability across state borders, and deliverability were simplified for the end-user, and backed by a seamlessly connected ERP, including implementation of a web service to manage product prices in 15,000+ locations.

Other technical accomplishments included:

  • Seamless integrations include NetSuite ERP, Rudderstack, and;
  • Full Headless PWA implementation using Aligent's TakeFlight accelerator;
  • Swift and smooth deployments - thanks to our split PWA/Adobe Commerce architecture - achieving zero downtime during front-end deploys, enabling rapid feature releases.
  • Advanced features like AI-driven search and recommendations for intuitive product discovery;
  • Enhanced user experience and contemporary design;
  • Ad-hoc product checkout with a mobile-optimized layout;
  • Invoice portal to allow viewing, downloading and payment of invoices;